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Create your e-shop using only HTML and Mustache / Handlebars

Mustache Mayocat Shop make the creation of an e-shop almost as easy as creating its layout in HTML. With Handlebars you handle simple markups (called bindings) to display the content. For example display the title and display description.
Mayocat Shop is made with APIs you can acces via Javascript, so you can always display the content you need in the way you want.
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Easy to use back-office for a smooth daily management

Mayocat Shop’s back-office has been created to fit the need of small businesses, the interface is lean and simple to use.
Discover the basic functionalities :
Product management
Inventory management
Shipping management
Order management
CMS functionalities
Internationalization management

Product management

Create, modify, suppress and organize your product in seconds.

Product management

Inventory management

To manage your inventory, just fill the number of products you have to sell, then if you have more product to sell you can easyly increase your stock.

Shipping management

Mayocat Shop propose 3 way to calculate shipping cost : By weight : define price by weight range and for additionnal weight. By price: define price by price range and for additionnal weight. Flat rate: define price by product and by order. Once you’ve choose your way to calculate shipping cost, you can setup geographical zones (continent, country, region) and define prices for each one.

Shipping management

Order management

Manage your order in the backoffice or by receiving e-mails.

Order management

CMS functionalities

Mayocat Shop provides simple CMS functionnalities to manage page, homepage, news, products and images.


Internationalization management

Simply add language and manage translation of content. Mayocat Shop will automatically display the right language to customers on the front end.


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Adapt Mayocat Shop to your needs with YAML

YAML When you deploy an e-shop with Mayocat Shop you can easyly setup custom data called addon for page or product. It allows you to link a content to a page or a product and easyly edit it via Mayocat Shop’s backoffice.
For example if your e-shop sells product from different brands, you will add a simple text addon called “brand”; and if you sells only 3 brands you will add a selector.
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Create performing mobile shops

We've built Mayocat Shop with mobile and tablets commerce in mind. We embrace Lukew's RESS: Responsive Design + Server Side Components approach by providing you with the tools to realize the server side components part. The responsive design aspect is of course up to you: Mayocat Shop shops are built using today's standard web technologies.
With Mayocat Shop server side components you can deliver different contents (HTML, images, and more) to different devices to build the best experience for your customers.
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Mayocat Shop belongs to its open community

Mayocat Shop is released under an open source license (the Mozilla Public License version 2) that is friendly both to businesses and to the community of contributors.

We are taking the open source promise seriously and are dedicated to sustain this promise in the long term so that Mayocat Shop continues to belong to its community. In the same movement, we do want to advocate Mayocat Shop as a viable platform for businesses and e-commerce professionals to build upon, as we believe it's also an important component of the long term viability of the project.
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Take advantage of states of the arts technologies


Java PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, REST/Jersey, Jetty...


HTML5 Javascript, Mustache / Handlebars


Mayocat is based on the Java platform, and uses great open source technologies : Java 7, ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL, Jersey, Jetty and many more, in order to streamline its development and provide the best performance and maximum scalability.
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Build scalable marketplaces with Mayocat Shop APIs

Mayocat Shop is not only an e-commerce solution, it's a platform to build upon. It is natively multi-tenant, and we expose the tools and APIs to build services — such as marketplaces — spanning multiple tenants:

  • Cross-shops product lists and searches
  • Shared shopping cart across different shops
  • Multi-tenant billing (soon)

Learn how to install and configure Mayocat Shop on your server