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Mayocat Shop 0.9.0 is out!

The 4th of December, 2013 — Jérôme Velociter

We've released Mayocat Shop 0.9.0. Checkout its release notes!

Release highlights

The main focus of this release is internationalization.

We've made all aspects of Mayocat Shop localizable, so that merchants can create web sites for customers in different countries, speaking different languages. Starting with this release, you can write your content and themes in several languages to accommodate all your customers.

In practice, when setting up your store, you can pick the main language of the shop, as well as the other languages you wish to support:

"Screengrab of the language selection UI in the back-office"

Then when editing products, pages, collections, or really, any kind of written content in your back-office, you can switch the edited language:

"Screengrab of product localization"

There are many other aspects to internationalization we are not covering in this blog post. Checkout the localization guide for the full package on internationalization.

Read the full release notes for this release.