Mayocat Shop

Open source e-commerce and marketplaces made simple

Mayocat Shop is the next generation of open source marketplace and e-commerce platform. With Mayocat Shop, developers and businesses can leverage a powerful and innovative platform to build great global marketplace and individual e-commerce websites and provide online merchants with a state of the art selling experience.

State of the art technologies

Take advantage of a robust solution based on Java, and make e-shops with only HTML knowledge.


Java PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, REST/Jersey, Jetty...


HTML5 Javascript, Mustache / Handlebars

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Mayocat is based on the Java platform, and uses great open source technologies : Java 7, ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL, Jersey, Jetty and many more, in order to streamline its development and provide the best performance and maximum scalability .


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Why another e-commerce platform ?

We're building Mayocat Shop out of two observations: the lack of a simple solution for small businesses who want to start an e-commerce site, and the advent of online marketplaces that bring together such actors in curated websites.

Indeed, the landscape of e-commerce open source software is dominated by complex solutions that meet the needs of actors with complex catalog, logistics and workflow needs.
Small businesses wishing to sell their products through a simple e-commerce sites are turning to the world of hosted software (SaaS), and their possibilities for customization and expansion are limited.
Meanwhile, online marketplaces are democratizing and allow to unite around a brand or theme, e-merchants wishing to extend their reach without incurring marketing action.
The Mayocat Shop open source software meets both the need for simplicity in managing small e-commerce businesses, and provides tools to connect them together through online marketplaces.


The feature-set offered by Mayocat is not too broad to keep the promise of simplified e-commerce. However, the platform is easily extensible via a plugin mechanism to accommodate special needs.
Among the basics features of e-commerce Mayocat Shop offers, we find:

  • product management
  • simple inventory management
  • shipping management (geographical areas, shipping methods)
  • order management
  • CMS functionalities (pages, news, management attached parts)
  • internationalization management

The marketplace features allow to create and maintain many e-commerces shops on the same platform, and adds in the means to connect them together in a unified interface via its APIs: lists and cross-shop research of products, shared cart, etc...

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